Supreme Heads

Supreme Head supply is a fully equipped engine machine shop, catering for petrol and diesel engines.
We supply automotive cylinder heads, which are competitively priced and are a great alternative when the customers own cylinder head is beyond repair.  We are constantly expanding our range to cover all the popular models.

If your original cylinder head cannot be repaired because it has been machined under size, the alloy body has gone soft from over heating or is suffering excessive corrosion, then our cylinder heads are a great option.

Our new cylinder heads are very competitively priced and represent great value for money, making repairs economically viable where the cost of repairs can be more than the value of the vehicle.

Cylinder head kits with new cylinder head, gasket set, engine valves and where required cylinder head bolt kit.

We can also supply engine parts at competitive prices for your convenience and to ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

So whether you are after a cylinder head or engine parts, please give us a call.